Milan Fashion Week shitshow Part III

So here's the skinny on what went on at the 2nd day of Milan Fashion Week. SOMEHOW I managed to wake up miraculously hangover free despi...

So here's the skinny on what went on at the 2nd day of Milan Fashion Week. SOMEHOW I managed to wake up miraculously hangover free despite the hard partying the night before. (I prayed to my golden statue of Donatella). My first show of the day that I was attending was Pringle of Scotland at 2 and I was completely over wearing black so I started freaking out about how I was going to do color. Actually I just hung out on the balcony in my underwear for all of Milan to see and didn't give a fuck because i'm cool like that.

So then I got cold and noticed families on the streets were yelling at me in italian so I got into a neon blue Ralph Lauren polo with bright red Jil Sander pants with a kelly green vintage Lacoste jacket and a Burberry overcoat and I was good to go. I was already running a bit late at this point so I ran down the street and to the metro in true fashion week style. Finally I got to the venue with the help of these 2 super fierce asians in amazing outfits. (I thought it was Bryanboy at first). Our "seats" turned out to be standing but whatever we were IN. Right behind Milan Vukmirovic and directly across from Carla Sozzani and Stefano Tonchi it was a fashion trifecta. The show was traditional pieces with a cool contemporary take. This was my favorite piece. Tangerine is in again apparently. w/e

Overall it was a pretty cool show and solid collection in my opinion. Pringle is one of those brands that seems to never be wrong....a bit safe...but quality. Next show on the agenda was Missoni. I was super excited to see my bestie Daniel walk. The show of course was like super far away and we had to take a trillion metros and buses and walk and shit. Like for real who do I have to sleep with for a driver!? Anyways we got to Missoni show and the vibe was like a chill cookout on a fall evening very rustic and whatnot AND FREEZING since we were outside.

Like every other Missoni collection I fell in love with the knits, prints, and sweaters. They had these hats which reminded me of sun bonnets and they were totally cringe worthy at first but later when I looked at STYLE I found I liked them for their quirk. After Missoni I saw Daniel who confessed he was totally still drunk (as if everybody couldn't tell from his expression on the runway). Then we just essentially went to all the shows without an invite hoping to get in before it was time for us to go to the Moncler Gamme Bleu show. We got to Moncler to find out they had a miscalculation with capacity and we had to wait till 3 minutes before the show actually began to get in. The end of the runway was lined with hundreds of intricately placed toy cars which I imagine some poor intern spent forever doing. We ended up having to stand in the photographer box which I didn't care because I got some super cool shots of the collection. There was this KILLER cape that I was living and dying for.

The collection was a fun mix of town and country looks in reds, whites, blues, and bright yellow. Also I must say the casting for that show was phenomenal. Like for real the models were holding numbered signs and I was mentally jotting down what number boy I wanted and what I wanted to do.

LIKE HELLO #8 DO YOU PUT OUT ON THE FIRST DATE? Anyways Ania was working backstage at the show so I waited for her and as usual she emerged with the gorgeous #24 boy (polish of course). I forget his name but he was on the homepage of STYLE the other day and I almost peed my pants. After my *exhausting* day of watching hot men in hot clothes on the runway I was ready to get drunk and make a fool of myself. We rounded up the usual suspects and our token male models fresh off their runways + castings and hit a sleazy russian bar.

Only thing on the agenda for the night was Match A Paris because only like 3 of us were invited to DETAILS party and to be honest people I really didn't want to see were gonna be there and I didn't want to throw drinks and make a scene ala Moschino party during womens week. It was my first time doing Plastic on a Sunday night and I watched like a bunch of people get refused at the door and thanked my lucky stars that Sergio Tavelli loves me and we got in. Not going to lie but we were obliterated at this point. WE WENT HARD ON THE DANCEFLOOR.

After our super hot session on the dancefloor we decided to run across the street to cool off with ridiculously cheap drinks at the chinese bar and ran into everybody because everybody likes cheap alcohol.

Lady Gaga was just chillin too


Somehow in my drunken state I fell on my face and broke my iphone and then fell asleep at a table

then someone woke me up because it's not classy to pass out at bars and bought me a cheeseburger to make me sober and Tea saw me and called my cheeseburger sexy and took a picture of me.

We decided at that point to go back to Plastic and act like crazy bitches on the dancefloor again. The DETAILS party was obviously over because all the cooler than thou kids had arrived (secretly wanna be them) like Luca Finotti and Andrea Ravieli and all those people. ANYWAYS the world didn't stop spinning at their arrival and we picked up with our haute mess dance party.

anyways guess my dance moves were a little too scandalous for boy wonder blogger Andrea Ravieli because he looks as if he's trying to book it out of there. *cries* My favest blogger thinks I'm trashy. Just kidding I dunno what's going on here except i'm a big Margiela clad mess.

Then I stumbled outside to smoke stepping on some girls Fendi shoes and Alan and Ariel were looking at me as if to say "BITCH YOU A MESS GO HOME"

So I clutched onto my male model bff Rafal for safety against these evil queens

then we ended up walking for like an hour with everybody to this guy's house for an "afterparty" but me and Rafal ended up passing out on the guys bed within 5 minutes.

then the guy whose bed we were in came in and woke me up and we started making out and so on but I'll save the details for another time. The bitch made me miss the Gucci show FYI.
the end.

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