Milan Fashion Week shitshow Part IV

So here's how flawless day 3 of Milan Fashion Week went for me. So I woke up still drunk but when I realized it was Monday I smiled to m...

So here's how flawless day 3 of Milan Fashion Week went for me. So I woke up still drunk but when I realized it was Monday I smiled to myself realizing the Gucci show was today AND I ACTUALLY HAD AN INVITE thanks to one of their really cool PR's who loved my twitter. My second realization was that it was 11:30. Ok plenty of time because the show didn't start till 12:30. 3rd realization was "Holy shit, whose house/bed is this and who is this guy next to me??" PANIC MODE. Then when I finally realized what really was going on. Next step was to figure out where Rafal had gone so we could get back to Ania's house. He was curled up in the fetal position on the floor so upon waking him up we began frantically calling Ania to figure out where the hell we were/she had left us. Fast forward to finally leaving the guys house at 12:15. I was freaking out on the metro in last nights close figuring out how I was going to get ready and then to the venue in time. Needless to say we were REALLY fucking far from Ania's and we didn't get home till 1. I was practically in tears until Rafal told me to suck it up because fashion week isn't life and death. I was all like HONEY you're a male model. Fashion Week IS life and death for ya. So I calmed down drank some wine we had leftover and decided Gucci was a lost cause and to get ready for Canali show. Rafal had nothing going on that day so I decided that I would take him with me because what's better than attending a show with an off duty model. So we get to Canali later that day and meet up with J Lin and we explain at the door that we were waiting for our standing room and the guy was all like OK HOLD ON. Then he never came back. Rafal was all like lets just go in. So we do. The PR girls checking invites and names let him breeze right past ASSUMING he was walking in the show, HOWEVER they stopped us and harrased us for like ever because apparently someone had already claimed our standing room. UM LIKE WTF. So we stood in the lobby shooting them evil glares the whole time while waiting for Rafal who decided to go hangout backstage for like 30 minutes with his friends after. So he finally came out and we walked outside and as soon as we did all the photographers and bloggers and what not started taking pictures, so i'm vamping it up until I realize it's not me they want it's RAFAL. EPIC FAIL. So he's loving the attention and I'm practically dragging him down the street because we're gonna be late for Gazzarini show. We get to Gazzarini easy. J Lin goes to her spot in the photographer box and me and Rafal go to our seats. The collection was seriously flawless. With pops of color in the form of hot pink and kelly green which is my favorite color combo I was literally drooling. Turtlenecks were also MAJOR this season but much to my relief they were not your standard Steve Jobs basic turtlenecks.

After Gazzarini we went to the Nicole Farhi show and the venue was absolutely stunning in gold and soaring ceiling. I felt like an opulent old queen.

The collection ended up being one of my favorites. With a timeless nautical theme infused with a couple of moden pieces such as the first look a leather cardigan I was in love.

I still can't get over the the ambience of the venue and how elegant the collection was. The only thing that bothered me was certain editors who I shall not name barely watched the show and spent more time giggling with one another. But whatever, even I get jaded at fashion week. At this point we were all DYING since we had been starving ourselves due to it being fashion week DUH. So we went to good ole mcdonalds and had a trashy common dinner and called it a night. Me and Rafal went home and ended up having a bff cuddle sesh on the couch and we all stayed in because I had Dsquared at 9:30 a.m and I was determined not to miss anything on the last day of fashion week.

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