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 It was essentially on a whim that I decided to drop everything and head off to London for the weekend. Well actually it was the f...

It was essentially on a whim that I decided to drop everything and head off to London for the weekend. Well actually it was the fashion show invites that I was sent and the promise from some super fierce twitter friends that it would be a weekend not to be forgotten. So off I went to London Fashion Week with my 5 luggages that caused me to be questioned by customs (weird right?) at Fiumincino. "I'm off to fashion week DUH" wasn't kindly recieved but they bought this as a valid reaon. 4 hours later + 1 Valium I found myself on the ground in London with the weariness one gets from being surrounded in a public transportation hub with thousands of badly dressed persons. A nap once I got to the super chic Milennium Hotel was however so far out of the question it was in fucking Narnia. All I had time to do was take a quick shower & change before I jumped in a car to head to the Schön! Magazine party at Rose to meet Sophie, Flo, Cole and Liam (Liam seriously makes me all hot and bothered. I DIE.)

gorgeous girls Sophie King & Floriana Dezou

This is Cole's trademark face. Thus the reason he's not walking for any designers this season. #malemodelproblems

Anyways literally as soon as we got to the party we realized we had to be at the Bjorn Borg party asap. Thanks to Nik Thakkar at KARL IS MY UNKLE for the invites! The party was at Battersea Power Station an old defunct power plant literally in the middle of fucking noweheresville London. But w/e the best fashion week parties are always the sketchiest. Anyways we arrived and me and Sophie got photographed like a mill x

then we headed straight to the OPEN BAR YEAHHHH! HOWEVER no one told us the drink queue would take an hour and I'm not kidding when I say an hour. Total insanity. But we stocked up on our drinks when it was our turn and we were A-OK as you can see.

In the middle of my drunken bliss the one thing that could tear my attention away from my delicious tequila sunrise happened. A FASHION SHOW WITH MALE MODELS IN UNDERWEAR.

So anyways after the show which was all neon trash flash in ya face I went back to dance to bad Gaga remixes with ma gurls and guess what happens in the midst of my booty bumpin? I run into none other than LEEBO FREEMAN. I saw stars, white light, my life flash before my eyes. The boy is FINE. Although the only thing I could think of the whole time was imagining him with green goo dripping on his face seductively thanks to Luca Finotti's TASTE IT video.

Anyways to make a long story shorter....we got really really smashed.

Cole and Ms Flo

as they say in London I was "ABSOLUTELY MENTAL" or some shit like that.

Isn't Liam HOT!? like I CAN'T DEAL. 

Cole however.......

and in the dj booth a familiar face...or wig I should say. No trip to London is complete without a Jodie Harsh sighting.

I mean is there anything better than a bunch of drunk male models in their underwear? And yes that is that Tommy Hilfiger guy.

So at this point we were all drunk dancing around in our Givenchy, and Alexander Wang, and Burberry and shit when everybody migrated towards the stage where none othere than ROBYN was set to appear. Yes I kind of shoved my way to the front. At first it was just some random androgyness girl in menswear singing many songs on stage who turned out to be Coco Summer? who is the daughter of Sting but all I wanted to hear was my flawless swedish queen Robyn. Then Coco started singing Robyn's "Indestructible" and I was all like "WHAT THE FUCK BETCH" and then as if God had heard me Robyn appeared.

I was crying and shaking/screaming/tweeting/fist pumping for my dear life all through the set.

I DIED LIKE 12367824687 X

She only did like 3 songs before she bounced off the stage which was a little disappointing but nonetheless I can now say I've seen Robyn live and it was AMAZEBALLZ. The free bar was closed at this point but we still had our little stockpile of drinks and each other.

At this time we were all incoherent dancing like we were on LSD and in general a hot ass mess. The fact that I had a 9 a.m show to be at briefly crossed my mind and we decided to drunkenly stumble out to look for a cab. On the way out we bumped into ROBYNNNNN. *insert scream here* Cole started speaking swedish to here which caught her off guard while she was trying to remain a perfect ice queen.

somehow we actually ended back at Rose club but I really don't remember what happened or how I got home. But anyways my first night back in London was killer.

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