London Fashion Week Day 1: Street style & sparkles

Friday morning found me rudely awakened by a phone ringing loudly. I rolled out of bed gracefully...actually that's a lie...I FELL ON MY...

Friday morning found me rudely awakened by a phone ringing loudly. I rolled out of bed gracefully...actually that's a lie...I FELL ON MY FACE out of bed because I was still completely drunk from the night before. I answered the phone and it was the front desk of the hotel and all that registered in my still intoxicated brain was that my driver was waiting outside. I dropped the phone and checked my Blackberry which said 8:30 and I screamed because I had to be at the Somerset House by 9 for Antoni & Alison show and I wasn't the slightest bit ready. One look out my window at London got me motivated though.

Jumped in the shower because I smelled like alcohol still #fashionweekproblems tbh. I had a general idea of what kind of look I wanted to go for, kind of a eurotrash prep thing you know. That was a fucking contradiction but anyways heres what I wore on day 1 of LFW thanks to the lovely editors over at FASHION 156.

Fur: Margiela. Shirt: Calvin Klein Collection. Sweater: Zara.  Jewelry: Vintage from Moscow. Pants: Ralph Lauren.        Shoes: Prada
So I arrived really late to Antoni & Alison and only caught the last few looks and then I realized I had forgotten to buy new batteries so as soon as I got out of the show I ran to get some and then FINALLY I was prepared to take on London Fashion Week. The streetstyle was amazing. London really is in the midst of a MAJOR neon moment and while at first I was like "omg my eyes hurt and I'm naseous at this" I quickly fell in love with the bright in your face colors which was a welcome break from the general conservativeness of Milan. Anyways heres some pictures.

This Chanel makes me wet

So then I run down the street for my 1000xth Starbucks run (no Starbucks in Italy so whenever I'm near one it's HEAVEN) for a burst of energy before the Bora Aksu show and Sophie texts me that she's just arrived so I'm like i'll see you inside. Run back down to Somerset. BTW it's a TOTAL gorgeous day in LDN.

So I arrive to the tent for the show and the queue is insane. So there's about 12 more people in front of me and a WHOLE lot more behind when security comes out and says "I'M SORRY BUT THE VENUE IS FILLED TO CAPACITY ALREADY". Cue screams from editors, bloggers, and all of us with our invites. In fact at this point they began sending enraged guests OUT of the show due to lack of space. I was just like whatever and retreated to the press room to send angry tweets. After the show I met up with Sophie who immediately became the center of attention.

Anyways we headed back to Starbucks to meet Flo and the rest of our bitches to plan out the rest of the day. Somewhere during the course of the day we were invited to the PPQ and Basso & Brooke aftershow parties. Anyways I had to rush off to the Royal Society of Arts for the A la Mode catwalk show and I dragged Cole with me because going to fashion shows with male models is like my "thing". Anyways there was free champagne and wine before the show and me and Cole took full advantage of this. So finally the showcase started with Obscure Couture a mix of club kids, harajuku glam with a dose of rock n roll thrown in for good measure. The collection was definitely something I would wear if I were a girl.......and if I was attending a ~fashion party~. I hope some of you will get my drift.

I'm STILL OBSESSED with that Loveis The Drug headdress. I totally need that to wear to Plastic in Milan! Next show was Kami Shade. Wasn't loving it as first but as soon as the bling bling sequined numbers came out I was dying!. 

Anyways I only like the collection because i'm a simple boy who's attracted to shiny objects. After the finale the DJ who knew me and Cole had afterparties to get to whispered to us to make our break, so literally as the next show began to start we ran out onto the runway and out of the RSA Vault for a night of fashion debauchery.

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