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Hellllloooooo guys, I'm back after a bit of a break from blogging, I'm back in the South of France for summer 17' beaching, partying, boozing, and dancing it up as usual. So far it's been crazy and hectic and hot, I've met so many new people doing so many interesting things down here and have been exploring more in depth what the Cote d Azur has to offer. To launch the FOOD / DESIGN series on the blog I'm exploring, in collaboration with the Giraudi Group's Monaco Restaurant Group, some of the best addresses the South of France and Monaco have to offer. Last friday I had had the pleasure to start my tour off at SONG QI Monte Carlo, a Chinese fine dining experience, something that Monaco hadn't seen before. SONG QI is a union of the managers, Alan Yau the man behind Hakkasan and Riccardo Giraudi.

Walking into SONG QI Monte Carlo you immediately feel the intimate vibe from the design by Humbert & Poyet. Marble tables, green velvet banquettes, and brass touches along with the elements of black and white elements work in harmony balancing each other out. Add the that the soft lighting and a DJ setting the mood and it was the perfect place for us to start out our Friday night.

I know i'm rambling on a bit and you are probably like bitch how was the food. THE FOOD was like ridiccccc good. So we let the manager choose for us since my knowledge of Chinese food doesn't extend much past takeout boxes and boy did he choose. From perfectly cooked sumptuous sea bass, the strips of black angus beef and the cutest dumplings ever I was literally like in heaven you guys. I'm like sat here trying to identify what we ate on the menu and just drooling thinking about how good that meal was!!!!! Wine, friends, a Chinese meal for sharing, all around the restaurant you could feel good energy from the other diners, the waitstaff, the barman, and the manager. That's sometimes a tricky thing to find in Monaco, a place that is luxurious without being overly pretentious and SONG QI achieved that. 

Big thanks to Riccardo Giraudi, Giraudi Group, and Monaco Restaurant Group

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