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I'm really enjoying my food education this summer as I make my way through the Monaco Restaurant Group. It's like I've bee...

I'm really enjoying my food education this summer as I make my way through the Monaco Restaurant Group. It's like I've been eating the wrong food the wrong way my entire life hahahaha. We finally had the chance to make our way to the much talked about and highly rated BEEFBAR in Monaco and everything I thought I knew about my tastes in meat was thrown out the window. Like literally it was so much more than I expected and I had really high expectations. 

So first off it's in a gorgeous location directly on the Fontvieille port, like whats better than steak and wine with an ocean view right!? So we arrive and immediately get into their extensive Mules cocktail menu of course we chose the tequila one which started the evening off a super lit note. The staff was super funny and knowledgeable and we put our dinner in their hands. The first round started off with mini Kobe burgers (AND A TRUFFLE ONE PRAISE THE LORD), mini tacos with KOBE BEEF (LIKE WHAT EVEN!!!!!), patanegra ham, crispy spinach and bacon salad. So at this point it like heaven and then they took us on a tour to see all the different meats and beefs. I felt like I was a jewellery store, the beefs were all displayed so pristinely with all the information displayed. 

So we head back to the table, the wine is flowing, the music is popping and then comes the mains. They prepared the Argentinean Angus Ribeye and Black Angus filet right at the table!!!! I know I seem over excited about that but I guess I've been eating at the wrong places that specialise in meats. OH and the different kinds of mash potatoes they brought, truffle mash, jalapeƱo mash were ridiculously good. And to top it off for dessert we had the best souffle I have ever had (I haven't had the many tbh hahah). I feel like I walked away from that experience with a higher level of expectations of what dinner should be like, I dunno if that"s a good or bad thing but I enjoyed it so much. The entire night was one of the best I've had in a while from the ambiance and the crowd and the staff and the food. I feel so blessed and lucky that I got to experience it.



Check out my video below for the full experience

Big thanks to Riccardo Giraudi, Giraudi Group, and Monaco Restaurant Group

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